Swollen Sausage Fingers = The Power of Perspective

As a motivational speaker who is on planes a lot, I am reminded every time I get on that plane about the power of gratitude, perspective, and life.

Every time I fly, I put on my lymphedema sleeve.  It’s a visual reminder to me that no matter what, I am still here fifteen years later after my breast cancer. The aftermath of breast cancer may leave a few scars and a swollen hand and arm at times, but it beats the alternative. I am still here.  I am still making every day count.  For those of us who have been through tough times in life, it is the subtle and not-so-subtle reminders that continue to remind us of the value of life.  Of one more day.  So I will take the surgeries, the chemo, the scars and even the swollen sausage fingers to be able to be here and soak up life.  And on the days where I may forget or get overwhelmed, or stressed, or annoyed at the little everyday things in life, I will look down at my sausage fingers as that gentle reminder of the power of life.

How about you?

We will all have hard stuff. We will all have unexpected change and challenges. The important thing is we are still here…so make it COUNT!

How are you making it count today?

What can you do to remind yourself of the value of life and of being here on those days when you are overwhelmed or stressing about the little things?  For me, it’s my sausage fingers.  For you, what is it?  Find that thing that gives you that perspective and then go back to that every so often.  It’s a powerful reminder.

And for those who may not know what lymphedema is, here’s a short explanation:

Lymphedema can develop after breast surgery when lymph nodes are taken to see if the cancer has spread. There is an alteration in the pathway that drains the fluids involved in the immune system. It causes swelling in your arm and hand. For me, over the years, it has meant compression garments, exercises, and manual lymphatic drainage, a gentle form of skin stretching/massage. And has also meant permanent sausage fingers as most of my swelling has occurred in my right hand. Just another “new sense of normal” that my cancer brought me. But I will take it all to be here for another day.

Things could always be much worse so I will happily wear my sleeve. In the big picture, it’s just a minor inconvenience that on occasion makes me a bit self-conscious. 🙂 And a good reminder to me that we must all learn to love ourselves exactly as we are. We are imperfectly perfect just as we are, swollen sausage fingers and all.

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