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Nordie’s at Noon

Unforgettably real and inspirational, Nordie’s at Noon is a true story about four young friends diagnosed with breast cancer and the monthly luncheon that lifted their spirits. 

Nordie’s at Noon shares the personal stories of four young professional women diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30 or younger. Once a month, they met at Café Nordstrom for lunch. It was their special place to laugh, cry, and celebrate the journey of life after a cancer diagnosis.



Their breast cancer diagnoses came at very different phases of their young lives. Patti was 24, single, and forging her way in the corporate world. Jana was planning her wedding at age 27, and bravely walked down the aisle wearing a wig and breast prosthesis. Jennifer, also 27, was five months pregnant when she was diagnosed, and endured surgery and chemotherapy during the pregnancy. Kim found her lump at age 30 while planning her son’s second birthday party, and faced the issues of raising a toddler while she underwent treatment.

Nordie’s at Noon will serve as a source of humor, strength, inspiration and education.  It is the author’s hope that this book will encourage women to be proactive with their health and to realize that no one is “too young” for breast cancer.

What Others Are Saying about Nordie’s at Noon


Nordie’s at Noon is an honest and inspiring testament to [these authors’] experiences which, I am completely confident… will inspire thousands of women as it inspired me.”

Elizabeth Edwards

“This is a rare book that has the saddest of endings and yet still manages to be–yes–life affirming.”

People Magazine

“Nordie’s at Noonis a lesson in the importance of treasuring friends and family, finding your inner strength, and embracing each day as a gift, if only because there may not necessarily be a tomorrow.”

Philadelphia Inquirer

“[A] funny, poignant, and exceedingly valuable resource.”

Library Journal starred review