Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.  ~ Buddha

Anger is a normal and healthy part of life. Sometimes we need to get mad and angry – feeling those things is critical to our internal peace and being able to move forward.

Society has taught us that anger is bad so we stuff our emotions so deep inside of us that we don’t even realize how doing that can paralyze us. We have a tendency to put judgments on our emotions and say that happiness is good and anger is bad. But who says? Many have used their anger to inspire them to change the world in one way or another by doing what they could to right the wrongs, to find the courage to speak up, and to motivate them to reach out to others feeling the same way.

A simple question for you as you experience your own anger: What are you really angry about? Do your best to narrow it down and not just say the whole damn situation. What is it about the situation that is getting under your skin right now (knowing that this will change maybe from day to day or minute to minute)? When you discover the answer, then you can decide what you want to do about it.

If there really is nothing to do, then ask yourself this: What would it be like if I could let go of this anger? How would I be different? How would I feel? How would I react the next time this issue comes up?

Your anger can be a positive energy that stirs within you the ability to create awesome changes in your life. Your anger can also be something you choose to let go of so that you can use that energy in other more positive ways.

Use it or lose it – the choice is yours. So go ahead, and get mad and angry. But don’t get stuck in your anger for the rest of your life. You can rise above your anger, your hate and your hurt over time. The choice is YOURS.

Day by day, sometimes moment by moment, it will get better. Holding on to your anger and your bitterness will only make you more angry and bitter.

To live a happy and full life, learn to get angry if you need to and feel what you need to feel, but then let go of the anger and BE BETTER, NOT BITTER.

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Kim Becking is a high-energy keynote speaker, best-selling author and expert on resilience and living your best life even in the midst of change.  Looking forward. Living fully. Loving more. Leading bravely.  With a lot of grace, grit and gratitude.

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