Kim Becking

Jumping for Joy

I love this picture of me and my nieces. This was taken last summer in Florida, where we were gathering as a family to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. It reminds me of how no matter what, I want to soak up every ounce of this life that is mine. Some days, on the hard days that we will all face, it’s easy to forget.

It’s easy to forget that we are blessed beyond measure because WE ARE HERE, alive and breathing. And there are those that would give anything to be here one more day. For me, on days where I struggle, I remind myself that 15 years after my cancer diagnosis, I am still here – breathing, alive and cancer free. I remind myself that Sarah, Patti, Jana, Denise and so many others would give anything to be here one more day.

It’s easy to forget that although our problems might seem too much to bear, that we can and will get through them and come out the other side stronger than we ever thought possible. I remind myself that my cancer, my divorce, my failures turned into opportunities, all made me stronger.

It’s easy to forget that we need to keep laughing no matter what. To enjoy the little things. To have fun, and for me, that means proving that I can still jump for joy in my 40’s :). I remind myself to laugh at myself when I pee my pants jumping on the trampoline. I remind myself to not take things so seriously. I remind myself to enjoy those little things I love – coffee, mimosas, sunsets, live music, dancing, the smell of a good candle, Sunday dinners, closing my eyes and savoring a good piece of chocolate, my kids laughing, a joke shared between me and my husband, Chloe my dog greeting me when I walk in the door, sharing a good glass of wine and conversation with a friend, hearing from others how I’ve helped them move forward in their life. These things….they matter….they bring me joy.

Today I challenge you to not forget. To rise above your hard. To soak up life. To make every single moment count. To laugh -I mean really laugh those deep belly laughs. To JUMP for joy. To never give up. To keep moving forward NO MATTER WHAT. And to focus on the good.

So today and every day, I will JUMP for JOY and soak up every moment, even if I pee my pants.

What’s one thing today that you can do to soak up this one amazing awesome life that is yours?

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