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I’m Kim Becking and I’m glad you’re here.  I am a keynote motivational speaker, author and resilience expert who works with organizations, leaders, teams and individuals who want to boost their resilience; successfully conquer change and disruption; reduce stress, burnout and overwhelm; and communicate, connect and engage in a more authentic and meaningful way to lead better, achieve more, accelerate success and create a MOMENTUM MINDSET in the face of adversity and change.

I believe that life’s inevitable challenges are an opportunity to pause and reinvent ourselves – not only surviving but thriving, even in the midst of unexpected change, challenges and adversity.  My own story of resilience is one that I can tell through many chapters – some expected, but others very much unexpected: my battle with breast cancer at the age of 30; the demands of owning multiple businesses; community advocacy; the balance of being a working mother; the unexpected challenges of marriage, family and divorce; having a second chance at love; remarrying a widower with two small children; and adjusting to a fabulous new life in a blended household as Kim Becking – mom of three, party of five. No matter the challenge, I have continued to move forward no matter what.

I want to help you create a MOMENTUM MINDSET not only to boost your own personal resilience, but also to boost the resilience of those around you.  I want to help you push past limited thinking, get unstuck and take action to create momentum no matter what life throws at you.

The unexpected is a part of life – whether it’s cancer, divorce, loss of a loved one, betrayal, a job transition or the dozens of other unplanned changes and hardships.  Change and disruption are the new normal.  But we have a choice to learn from our hard.  To grow.  To stretch.  To find the lesson in the change and the hard.  Growth rarely comes without pain. The hard and unexpected in our life, work and relationships can bring us great gifts that move us toward deeper clarity, wisdom and self awareness if we allow it.  We just have to have the MOMENTUM MINDSET needed to make it happen!

My goal here is simple: to provide you with practical tips and tools to create a MOMENTUM MINDSET so you can thrive even in the midst of change and hard.  YOU, and only you, gets to write what will happen in your story after your hard.  I will show you how to bravely write your most awesome life chapters yet.

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