Kim Becking – A nationally recognized author and motivational speaker

Kim is a “recovering” attorney, a successful business owner, a community activist, a patient advocate, a published author and speaker and more importantly a “survivor” who provides messages of hope, inspiration and humor and encourages people to find their voice and use life’s stumbling blocks to rebuild their lives.  Kim understands what it takes to defy the odds, face challenges and create a life that works…on her own terms.  As a high school senior she was told, “Forget college.  It’s not for you.”  She went on to graduate not only from college, but from law school as well, at the top of her class – and was the first person in her family to graduate from college.

In 2002, at the age of 30, while planning her son’s second birthday she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She fought it and with her friends and co-authors, wrote a book (Nordie’s at Noon) about the experience and nine years later is now cancer-free.  Kim is a nationally recognized patient advocate and breast cancer survivor who has been honored by SELF and Lifetime Television for her tireless commitment to breast cancer advocacy.  Her book has received national acclaim and been featured in publications such as People, SELF, USA Today and the New York Times. 

After breast cancer, Kim realized life was short. So she left a successful law practice to start her own business.  It went well.  Life was humming along.  And then, after twenty-two years together, her husband and high school sweetheart walked out on her.  One day she was married.  The next day, he was gone, marrying her very good friend and neighbor, who then took her name, “Kim Carlos”, requiring Kim to not only reinvent herself, and go back to her maiden name, Kim George, but also reinvent her company and personal brand.

Kim “gets” challenge. She understands the need to reframe and reclaim herself when life tosses her a curve ball.  Her challenges have been faced by many of us.  Fortunately, as an author and speaker, Kim has a passion to tell her story and share the tools she used to reinvent her life when her old life wasn’t working.  It’s a story she can tell through many chapters:  her battle with cancer, the demands of owning her own business, community advocacy, the balance of being a working mother, and the unexpected challenges of marriage, family and divorce, having a second chance at love, remarrying a widower with two small children, and adjusting to a fabulous new life in a blended household as Kim Becking – mom of three, party of five.  No matter the challenge, Kim continues to reinvent herself – looking forward, living life and making every day count.

For over 10 years Kim has put audiences at ease while inspiring them through her stories of survival and reinvention.  Her presentations on life’s lessons and survivorship and how we need to embrace the gifts of life and make every day count apply to everyone and has made her a favorite among audiences.  Audiences ranging from cancer survivors to health care professionals; from corporate leadership to non-profit organizations have gained insight and perspective from her keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops and retreats.  Whether as a keynote speaker, moderator, panelist or host, Kim continues to inspire her audiences with her gifts of honesty, courage, hope and laughter.

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